BOSSY! Invades Jazz in the Gardens Day 1

Day 1 at Jazz in The Gardens started with perfect 77 degree weather and The sultry sounds of Chante Moore…FYI I love Chante Moore. She looked fantastic and sounded even better. I was hoping she sang Shevvy oops I mean Chante’s Got A Man, which let’s face it is the world’s shadiest song, which explains why I love it so!
Chante shared the stage with Marion Meadows and Will Downing.
Betty Wright is a South Florida fixture, a hometown girl,but one she’s on stage she turns on that star power.  That woman has classic after classic.
Morris Day and the Time opened with a Purple Rain Tribute which won me over, because Duhhh. Prince. I will admit I totally expected to see Jimmy Jam as Jerome carrying his  mirror so that  threw me for a moment, but I also had that moment where you think you know don’t really know an artists work and that they start going through hits and you’re all like Ohhhh I forgot that was you.
Herbie Hancock and Robin Thicke smoothed it all the way out just in time for Jill Scott and her ole sexy self. She is poetry to music and one of my all time favorites. All in all it was a very laid back vibe today, I expect a different feel to end tomorrow. I’ll be back with the all the scoop after tomorrow’s show.
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