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Meet the BOSSY! Staff

Shavon Brown-Robinson Editor and Chief and Founder of BOSSY! Magazine

Former dancer and model Shavon Brown-Robinson, aka Shevvy Malibu has a knack for wearing many hats. As a freelance internet and media analyst, she had a proven track record of corporate excellence that has taken her from Executive Assistant to Executive. She writes for numerous media outlets such as CBS, and The Examiner and chronicled her unique view on life, love and family in her blog “I Just Want to Be Superwoman” This wife and mother of four has founded Boss Moms, a networking enterprise that supports women entrepreneurs and has taken another step towards building a media empire as Editor-in-Chief of BOSSY! Magazine. You can catch her every Tuesday from 9:30-11pm on co-hosting the Reality & Relationships Show.


Felicia MartinManaging Editor

Felicia Martin is a corporate trainer by professional choice and relationship advisor by personal circumstance. Founder of The Common Sense Association and creator of “The Reality and Relationships” Show, Felicia doles out applicable, funny but real, relationship advice. Her view on relationships is simple: The most extraordinary feeling is that of the butterflies of love. Best achieved through ordinary means: common sense.   39 years old originally from Miami Florida, the Florida State Graduate has one son. She has been in the relationship advice game for over 5 years; been winning at it for about three. 🙂


Micheale Washington – Staff Contributor

Micheale Washington is a bonafide Miami native with many talents. She is a self-proclaimed, writer, producer, and beauty product junkie who manages a moonlighting career as one of Miami’s hot new collective of Female DJs. This produced screenwriter (, University of Miami alumnus (Go Canes) and sorority girl (DST for life) has a professional background as diverse as the city in which she was born. During her 13 year career as a top HR professional and Career Coach she has met people from all walks of life. Her experience in a multi-cultural, immensely talented collective of creatives led to the launch of Mahogany Ink and Boss Moms. 


Julian Long Guest Contributor

Julian Long is a communications professional and writer with over 10 years in mentoring, and leadership training experience and a passion for unpacking  the role of language in interpersonal conflict. His goal is not to provide answers but perspective that helps bring meaning and clarity to the interactions of men and women that lead to better understanding.




T. Max Christie Guest Contributor

Wealth of time on books, word assingT. Max Christie, author of Common Sense Comes Before Book Sense – Practical Wisdom from my West Indian Upbringing for the Bedroom to the Boardroom ,embar is a cultural and sociopolitical commentator that leads a multiservice professional service firm for independent and small business owners. In addition to a passion for music and drama ministries, the admitted fashion addict and logophile spends an games and political documentaries. Find her on Facebook or Twitter.




Majesty Santiago – Guest Contributor
Majesty Santiago is a writer, residing in Miami, Fl. She is a public speaker and event host. Majesty also has a weekly radio show, Thee Sex Talk Show, which is currently the #1 Sex Talk show on internet radio (SNDS Radio). “Memoirs of a Sex Slave” is her 1st book, set to be released fall/winter of 2015.
You can follow Majesty Santiago on Instagram and Twitter at @majestysantiago and follow her on FaceBook at MajestySantiago100




Nicole DeFreece-Staff Contributor

Nicole DeFreece is a certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist for Nicole $Fitness based out of South Florida. Visit for workouts you can follow at home, easy recipes and more nutrition tips!





Lani Woo and Mitzie Dawson of MITZANI STYLING Staff Contributors

MITZANI is a full service, one stop shop Fashion Consultancy, consisting of the fashion-driven Stylists LaniWoo and MitzDstylez. Both fashion bloggers in their own rights, Mitzani is also BOSSY’s style correspondent team. 

Facebook:  Instagram: @Mitzani



Jenn Holdman-Guest Contributor

Born and raised just outside of New York City, Jenn Holdman is a full-time speech-language pathologist in a local elementary school and the CEO of Jenn Holdman Fitness.  Jenn’s passion is helping others so her position as an online health and fitness coach has allowed her to help thousands of people to live healthier lives.  Jenn loves to share health, nutrition, food prep, fitness and multi-tasking tips to help busy people learn how they can make positive changes in their lives.  She has been married for 16 years and has two handsome sons that keep her on her toes.  As a hobby, Jenn enjoys hiking, traveling, cooking and event planning.  Connect with Jenn on Facebook at, on Instagram at jenn_holdman_fitness, via email at  or on her website at


Alison De Souza-Guest Contributor

Born and raised in London, England Alison De Souza is a qualified Life Coach and Stress Management Therapist and also an Ordained Minister .Alison moved with her husband Gavin, who is a personal trainer to Florida in March 2012, which allows them both to be closer to family.  As a hobby Alison writes poetry and short stories, is a creative cook, loves to travel and has quite a large diverse library and music collection. While working as a life coach Alison plans to continue her ministry as she believes that being connected and healthy spiritually is as important as emotionally and mentally healthy. Alison has a passion and focus on the needs of people of all ages from all walks of life, while continuing to mentor.