Make The Most of Jazz in the Gardens This Weekend

This week is the 12th annual Jazz in The Gardens Music Fest brought to you by the City of Miami Gardens and the lineup is giving us life! The 2017 roster includes Morris Day, Robin Thicke, Chante Moore, Herbie Hancock , Common, LL Cool J, The Roots Jill Scott and more!

BOSSY! want to make sure you enjoy your JITG experience by giving you some tips to make the most out of Jazz in the Gardens Music fest weekend.
1.  Get there early-
Let’s face it, You don’t want to be walking from the parking lot and hear your favorite band playing. Also if you are seated in general admission you want time to secure your perfect spot and get your comfiest lawn chairs set up just right!  Hint, Get the chairs with built in cup holders. This keeps your drinks and even cell phone right at your fingertips and keeps phones from getting lost and drinks spilled by your dancing neighbors.

2. Patna Lemme Upgrade You-
Upgrading to reserved or platinum seating can save you the hassle of looking for that perfect spot. It’s also less crowded. Insider tip, bring a stadium seat cushion to make those folding chair more comfortable.

3. Preparation is everything-
Let’s face it, this i South Florida which means the weather can go from hot to cool to rainy in the space of a few hours. Our suggestion dress in layers this way if you get to hot or cold you can just remove or add a layer.  Umbrellas are NOT allowed so swing by your local Walmart or Dollar Store and pick up one of those plastic ponchos, they are small and can easily fold up into your pocket or purse, but offer protection in the event of showers.
4. Cash Rules Everything Around Me-
Bring money, you’re going to need it. You’re going to be spending most of the day the festival grounds, you’re going to need to refuel. Luckily there will be dozens of food and drink vendors on hand to keep you going all day. Hint: The seafood rice is the BOMB! So is the fried shrimp! Plus, there are local vendors selling art, natural body products clothings and all kinds of goodies onsite.

5. Don’t forget to pre-game!
The Concert starts of saturday BUT the fun begins way before then. If you are an artist, filmmaker or musician you want to attend The Knight Foundation Arts In The Gardens Conference focusing on Film, Music, Art and Culture (FMAC at JITG) on Thursday March 16th & 17th. FMAC is a multi-purpose event that will educate, showcase and celebrate the diversity of art forms and artists in and around South Florida.

On Thursday evening come out to the Jazz in The Gardens National Poetry Competition Finals as they compete for a grand prize of $10,000. This will be followed by a live Jam Session featuring Eric Roberson. Bertrand Boys and Adrian N. Carter are friends of BOSSY! Magazine so shout out to those kings!

Finally, Friday night’s opening night party hosted by Rick Party with music by Big Man Kelly and DJ Hercules is a must do! Everybody’s gonna be there. Make sure you are in the building!

The most important thing to do this weekend is have fun, be safe and enjoy the vibe!
Did we miss anything? What are your favorite tips for enjoying Jazz in the Gardens Music Fest?

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