90’s Music Flashback at Funk Fest 2017 Day 1

I consider myself a modern, contemporary women living in 2017. I’ll sing along with Rihanna or Drake on the radio or at a party. I MAY even “dab” BUT the 90’s man; the 90’s are my one true love. Now I all I love all 90’s music. Rock, grunge, and hip-hop. But there is something special about 90’s R&B. That special flavor of R&B instantly transports me back in time. I feel like my teens, and early twenties play in my mind with running soundtrack starring Mary J Blige, Ashanti, SWV, and Jodeci. So imagine my excitement to have the opportunity cover Funkfest 2016 Tour as they made a stop in Miramar, FL last weekend. As soon as I saw the lineup, I was in!
Now I resisted my original urge to wear a hoodie, Timberlands, and overalls, because you know…Miami. Obviously, I should have because South Florida decided to have one it’s very rare cold fronts, that night. Miramar Regional Park is mega park great for big events. I’ve been there before and had a good time. However it was forty degrees, I was so cold that night if it wasn’t for the promise of Jodeci, I most likely would have headed home.
Some random (heaven sent) genius was walking around selling five dollar blankets, so I bought a couple (yes a couple) and headed over to platinum seating to watch the show. Now for a show as good as this, you could really get any seat because after all, it’s really about the music. But Platinum seating was totally worth it. The VIP Section was right at the foot of the stage seated with local celebs and politicians. I was served some pretty tasty BBQ chicken that made me forget about my frozen toes for a moment. Actress/Rapper Bre-z, Freda from Empire was a surprise guest!

Dru Hill’s performance was amazing, so full of energy and they can still sing. It was one of those situations when you forget how many hits a group really has and how much you loved certain songs until you hear them again. “In My Bed,” “Sleeping in My Bed” and then “These Are The Times” I was on my feet swaying and swinging with the crowd. After refusing to do any songs from his solo album, Sisqo finally blessed us all with what we’d all been waiting for “The Thong Song” That song played relentlessly on every radio and video station until I despised it. It was crazy back in 1999 I felt like I NEVER wanted to hear “dumps like a truck” again.. However I may have backed it up just a little when he blessed e crowd with that catchy hit, and I definitely have been playing that album ever since.
I was obsessed with SWV. They were #goals AF, ( See told you, I’m hip) I wore my hair like them, dressed like them, even grew my nails to ridiculous lengths like lead singer Coko. So it was fan girl moment seeing them on stage, and they look good Y’all! And it was all my favorite feel good music. I could have gone home happy at that moment honestly.
Even short a member (Devante Swing) Jodeci still killed it. Confession, when I was in high school, soon after Jodeci released Diary of a Mad Band, they bought the house around the corner from me. I will not go into detail about all of the shenanigans that my friends and cousins pulled trying to get them to notice us. I will say when I came face to face with Mr. Dalvin at Hot 105, I was afraid he might recognize my face as one he may or may not have seen peeking over his backyard fence. But I digress, watching Jodeci was pure joy for me. Every ballad they sang made me want to slow dance in the gym with my highschool crush/current husband.
Also what I enjoyed about their performance is that they seemed to really enjoy it. There is a difference when you are watching a excellent show and when you are watching performers who LOVE what they do and are feeding off the crowds. It’s this powerful exchange of energy. That’s what I got from Jodeci. Like they could have stayed up there all night. And I would have stayed all night. But they didn’t, so I went home. Because I was freaking cold.
If you missed this concert in Miramar check out the Funk Fest Tour Website and catch them when they come to your town, You won’t regret it!

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