The Creative Network Launches Networking for Artists in South Florida

Your network equals your net worth!” How many times have we heard that saying? However networking can be tricky if you are an artist or work in a creative field. As a poet or a vocal artist how beneficial is it for you to leave a networking event with a handful of business cards from real estate or insurance professionals? The Creative Network has solved that issue by putting a twist on traditional networking.

On October 21st at the Magnetic Art Gallery in the Pompano Citi Centre they launched the first The Creatives Network Event hosted by model/entrepreneur Lola Chél. Pompano Citi Centre is a newer shopping/entertainment center populated by shops restaurants and businesses. It was my first time there and I liked the feel so I’ll be back to check out the shops!

The Magnetic art gallery was a perfect venue for the occasion. It was large and spacious but not so large that the event didn’t feel intimate. The crowd’s look was a mixture of part hipster, part hip-hop, and part off-duty model. The atmosphere was of great modern art, some of which was provided by the attendees and good music provided by DJ Zola.

The back drop for the performance area was also visually appearing as it was home to designs from The Lamaj Company, a highly sought after South Florida Designer.

Because networking can be awkward in any situation, I really enjoyed the host’s planned game-like activities to encourage (read: force) mingling. Seriously, especially for introverts like me, it was much better than the awkward hello/whatsyourname/whatdoyoudo conversation you are usually forced to have repeatedly all night. I actually had fun meeting new people and it felt really low pressure. The games had great prize incentives from gift cards to art from the featured visual artist of the night Skilz to full media promotional packages from FulCircle Services!
The best part of the night was seeing some the artists at the event have a chance to showcase their talents. The performers ranged from poetry to hip-hop to dance music.
Check out some of the talent featured here!
If you are an artist in the south Florida area and you are looking to connect with others in the creative community be on the lookout for the next event in this series. Follow FulCircle Services on Instagram for more info. 

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